In 2015, managerial, professional and compulsory training initiatives continued on a regular basis. 

The main projects involved the digitisation of television production systems and, in general, the technological evolution that is sweeping through the industry, in addition to support for organisational development projects for the individual areas, aimed at refining specific expertise in relation to the roles performed, interpreting and managing change, and developing the ability to manage highly complex activities. The courses were designed by adapting educational methods to the specific training objectives: in addition to the traditional classrooms, greater use was made of online courses, experience-based activities, case study workshops, and seminars. 

The more important initiatives are briefly described below:

  • for management, projects were implemented dedicated to the individual company areas, focused on developing strategic vision and the ability to interpret the evolution of the market, in addition to the subjects of people management, team building, and empowerment. Wide ranging self-development initiatives for the Group's managers, focused on managerial skills and including classroom sessions and individual meetings, were also completed, continuing on from the similar initiative implemented for the Group's executives in previous years;
  • in terms of professional training, in 2015 courses, considerable focus was given to the extension of the adoption of the Dalet digital production system to the production and journalistic areas of the Sports programmes and TG5. The project involved around 500 workers, consisting of production staff and journalists of the Milan and Rome offices, with over 11,000 hours of training, and a major investment in terms of professional retraining for the entire population involved. Alongside the training on the new Dalet system, the editing and post-production skills of technical personnel were strengthened through courses on the main applications used within the Group (After Effect, Premiere, Final Cut, Avid);
  • with regard to statutory compliance, classroom-based and online programmes were delivered, designed according to the specific company characteristics, in order to align the staff training to regulatory developments. Online courses on the Corporate Liability Act (Italian Legislative Decree 231/01) were provided for all the Group's workers, with content adapted for each company. The Group continued its mandatory Health and Safety training for workers required under Article 37 of the Workplace Safety Act (Italian Legislative Decree no. 81/08) and under the Convention of the Standing National/Regional Conference of 21 December 2011, with targeted programmes for the specific roles identified by the regulations (Workers, Health & Safety Representatives, Health & Safety Managers, Health & Safety Officers, etc.) designed to promote specific expertise and strengthen the sense of responsibility in the various roles to support the entire company Safety system. In the area of Data Privacy (Italian Legislative Decree 196/03), classroom training on the processing of personal data was given to data controllers, together with online courses for data processors and for the other roles involved more generally in the Group's Data Privacy System. 

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