Guarantees for minors

Mediaset has always been very sensitive to the protection of minors:

  • it assesses programmes using criteria that also take into consideration the impact of content on individuals in their growing years and attempts to combine the typical programming approaches used by a commercial television network with production sensitivity that places emphasis also on the protection of minors;
  • it complies with applicable regulations, including the Self-regulation Code Concerning Television and Minors signed in November 2002 - in which the Company is committed to controlling its TV schedules to ensure they meet requirements to protect younger viewers. In particular, pursuant to Article 34 of the Consolidated Act on media, audiovisual and radio services, the Company adopted organisational processes to adequately evaluate, identify and report programmes "that could harm the physical, mental or moral development or minors" and notify them to users with sufficiently detailed information;
  • it offers a full, 24-hour schedule for this group of viewers on its free channels Boing (since 2004) and Cartoonito (since 2011);
  • In a manner that has now been applied equally to all of the Group's channels (free and pay DVBH TV including services available via web and mobile, such as, PremiumMediaset and Infinity), it indicates, at the beginning of each fictional programme (film, serial, TV movie, etc.) and after each commercial break, the nature and content of the broadcast using coloured symbols that appear on the screen (green: suitable for all family members; yellow: children with adult supervision; intermittent red: suggested for adults only; solid red: harmful to minors or prohibited for minors under 14);
  • To complement coloured symbols, it consolidates information on the content of broadcasts. Also multimedia platforms (EPG of DVBH TV, Internet, mobile platforms) supply information that is useful to provide guidance to viewers, especially whether the product is suitable for an audience of minors;
  • established within the Staff Departments, it has an internal department responsible for disseminating and implementing the regulations protecting minors and the Self-Regulation Code Concerning Television and Minors in the company with the aim of monitoring programming of the Group's networks. The department works closely with areas involved in planning, programming and assessing content in order to ensure the greatest compliance possible with regulations to protect minors.

Since it signed the Self-Regulation Code Concerning Television and Minors, Mediaset has participated in the work of the Committee for the implementation of the Code with two representatives, one of which currently also holds the position of Deputy Chairman and was appointed as a member of the working group (consisting of representatives of the Issuers adhering to the Code, as well as representatives from Confindustria Radio TV), which produced the draft for a Self-Regulation Code, which updating the current code, makes it more appropriate to the current media scenario. This draft is now awaiting final approval, once the approval process required by law has been completed.

Finally, on the basis of Mediaset's participation in the European Commission initiative "Coalition to make the Internet a better place for kids" - which aims to make the Internet a safer place for children, through international cooperation between leading companies in the field of communication - in 2015 the Company continued the partnership forged in 2013 with the British BBFC and the Dutch Nicam, two major organizations that operate in Europe in the assessment of audiovisual content, and developed a shared classification system for User Generated Content posted on corporate sites (via web or mobile), while also taking account of different cultural sensitivities. In 2015, Mediaset also joined in the Advisory Board of the Italian Safer Internet Centre-Generazioni Connesse (Connected Generations) project, co-ordinated by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research.


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