Human Resources

The complex macroeconomic scenario of recent years has not prevented the Mediaset Group from continuing its policy of investing in its employees, which it considers to be a precious and essential asset for the future development of the enterprise.

In fact, ensuring the welfare of its human resources and appreciating their talents are core components of the Mediaset Group's strategy, fully aware that this is the factor on which the pursuit of corporate objectives depends.

Employee commitment and motivation are important ingredients for the Group's success, and the Group continues to provide its staff career development opportunities that take account of the benefits offered by their diverse backgrounds, skills and experience.

With that in mind, tools and processes are designed and supervised with a view to ensuring that staff are properly assessed and their careers in the Group constantly monitored right from the initial selection stage, by designing pathways of professional and managerial training that will develop its hallmark characteristics of behaviour.

In carrying out these activities and initiatives the Mediaset Group respects its employees rights, safeguards the their health and safety at work, guarantees equal opportunities, and fosters the career development of all staff whatever their gender, category or grade within the organization.

Staff composition
On 31 December 2015, the Mediaset Group had 5,484 employees (5,413 of whom in permanent posts). This was fewer than the 5,559 employees (5,491 permanent) at the end of 2014.

In 2015, the Italian Group companies had 4,183 employees (4,126 permanent) while 2014 figures were 4,271 and 4,221 respectively.
In addition, there were 27 employees of companies operating abroad, of which 25 employees of Publieurope International Ltd, mainly working in its London office, plus two employees of the Luxembourg company Mediaset Investment Sarl.
The staff in Italy are located throughout the country, concentrated primarily in the Milan area, where 72% of all employees work in the Cologno Monzese, Segrate and Lissone offices.

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