Founded in 1988, Publiespaņa, is the advertising company for Mediaset Espaņa.

Spain's television advertising market is the fifth-biggest in Europe and is second only to Italy's in terms of television's share of all advertising on mainstream media.  According to Infoadex data, the percentage of that market in 2018 stood at 38.6%.

In 2018 the macro-economic data for the Spanish economy ? one of the most severely hit by the global crisis in recent years ? confirmed its continued excellent recovery (+2.4% compared to the previous year), with lower registered growth than in the previous two years (3.2% and 3%, respectively), but with GDP growth figures that are among the most dynamic of the leading EU countries. Against this background, advertising investments also remain an upward trend. In 2018, conventional advertising investment grew by 2.9%, whilst television advertising investment decreased slightly (0.8% compared to the previous year). The market share for the Mediaset Espaņa Group was 43.3%, in line with the previous year but with an advantage of additional 2.8 percentage points over the major private competitor.

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