In the last three years, the Mediaset Group has established its commercial radio sector through a series of acquisitions made up of R101, Radio 105 and Virgin Radio Italy, Radio Subasio and RMC.

R101. In 2018, editorial activity aimed to consolidate the strictly musical positioning of the station, placing it within the music stations sector, with a purely adult target audience.

Music plays a dominant role in all programming.

Its distinctive feature compared to other music stations is the absolute centrality of the quality and attention to detail in the songs played. The type of tracks played are carefully selected, with a nod to an international and metropolitan ambience.
It has a team of professional presenters who add to the music with their high-quality presentation skills. The time slots allocated to the different hosts have been streamlined and reworked, with the addition of new and highly skilled hosts. The main addition to the schedule is the new R101 "strange couple" presenters, Alvin and Katia Follesa, that host guests and celebrities with their unique brand of comedy and chat from 12 pm to 1 pm every day. "La Banda di R101", the station's morning show with Cristiano Militello, Paolo Dini and Lester, Riccardo Russo and Chiara Tortorella, is enjoying great on-air success and also achieved significant levels of follow-up on radio social media networks. In 2018, the cast was joined by comedian and impersonator Leonardo Fiaschi, whose jokes and impersonations helps to bring cheer to R101 listeners' mornings.

The R101 range represents a genuinely integrated system that focuses on music and entertainment across any channel a consumer wishes to use, embracing all types of media and various different touch points (TV, radio, digital and events).

The main values that distinguish the approach to the market are authoritativeness in the musical and content spheres, a measured tone: a sensible and never vulgar radio station, and positivity and sunny disposition: it entertains with its light approach, with some funny moments.

In 2018, an important communication plan was confirmed with the dual objective of increasing brand visibility and strengthening the station's musical positioning.

In terms of major live music shows, R101 was the official radio station for Italian concerts by some of the greatest stars of international music, including Sam Smith, Katy Perry and the Imagine Dragons, a world-famous group that attracted over 60,000 people to their Milan concert.

Engagement with the community has been further improved: the station was an active participant in several important events in Italy, including Fuorisalone at the State University of Milan and the Focus Live Festival, held through a collaboration with the popular science magazine Focus at the Milan Science and Technology Museum.

From a technology point of view, a series of equipment improvements were implemented to maximise signal coverage, in addition to significant developmental maintenance activities also carried out on transmission equipment and systems.

The new Radio Ter survey recorded the following audience figures for R101 at the end of 2018: 2,039,000 average daily listeners and 11,005,000 listeners in 7 days.

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