Radio 105 joins R101, Virgin Radio Italy, Radio Monte Carlo and Radio Subasio as one of Mediaset's broadcasters operating in the commercial radio sector in Italy.

Radio 105 is the leading entertainment radio station for the "young adults" target.

Entertainment and music: this is the mission of Radio 105, the go-to station for young Italians thanks to its daily suite of programmes and unique personalities.

Radio 105 has some of the most popular programs in Italy: "Tutto Esaurito", the morning show with "Captain" Marco Galli and his crew and "Lo Zoo di 105", the most irreverent programme in Italy, with Marco Mazzoli and friends.

Besides these stand-out shows, the station constantly experiments with new formats and hosts.

Radio 105's goal is to join in with the passions of its listeners, making every event an opportunity to involve the community and feel an active part of it. During the year various Backstage Experience format competitions were held, giving listeners and users the chance to win exclusive Artist meet & greets during live concerts.

A major advertising scheme was drawn up in support of the event held on Milan on 8 July to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Lo Zoo di 105.

Advertising on TV, digital and social media for the campaign "Radio 105: Proud to be different", which promotes diversity. Radio 105 is a diverse station, characterised by a wide variety of styles, programmes and personalities aimed at an audience that is also diverse.

The station's "Proud to be different" payoff, launched in 2018, points to its positioning: unique because it's different, because it's goes against the norm, varied and original.

Local presence and contact with people is one of the station's most strategic features.

Radio 105 also actively participated in important events including the Rome Marathon - promoting the non-competitive fun run, Gru Village 105 Music Festival - a environmentally sustainable festival of artists in Grugliasco, Giffoni Film Festival - the famous children's and youth film festival held in the town of Giffoni Valle Piana in the province of Salerno, Milan Games Week - the Italian video games fair popular with millennials - and many other events across the country.

Radio 105 is also the Official Radio Station of AC Milan and Monza Calcio in the football world and Olimpia Milano and the NBA in the world of basketball.

From a musical point of view, Radio 105 has a pop, dance and urban profile with some features related to the world of electronic music and the new phenomenon Trap to which Radio 105 has dedicated a radio programme, an app and a social media format to channel its communication towards its target audience.

All Radio 105's activities are designed for native cross-media exploitation; the station sees its community as a network that can be accessed through various touch points (radio, website, app, social). In 2019, an editorial social media strategy was implemented on all of the station's official online profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Tik Tok) using actions and means of communication that were consistent with the social media platform in question.

From a technology point of view, signal coverage was improved during the year in Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Sicily, Marche, Calabria and Lombardy, through the acquisition of new frequencies. Significant developmental maintenance activities were also carried out on transmission equipment and systems.

The new Radio Ter survey recorded the following audience figures at the end of 2019: 4,603,000 average daily listeners and 14,797,000 listeners in 7 days.

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