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"I'm getting excited again about politics."

"I'm getting excited again about politics. I am more relaxed and professionally satisfied, I don't feel the need to prove anything anymore, only to do good work. And I have become very involved in the referendum against the privatisation of water".

Marking the start of the new series of "Zelig" (Friday 13 January in prime time on Canale 5), Claudio Bisio was the guest of Diretta web where he responded to questions and queries from users of the QuiMediaset web site (

Amomg questions sent in by users there was also a request to comment on two photographs on the site of Bisio as a twenty-year-old, when he was involved in militant politics. In the first he is a student in a parka and with a bullhorn, posing with a smile and a closed fist, along with a group of friends and showing the newspaper, "Avanguardia operaia". Bisio recalled: "It was 1973-74, and I was with some of my classmates from the Liceo Cremona, in Piazza Maciachini in Milan, we were on our way to a demonstration, one of my first, perhaps to defend the law on divorce. We won and it was a great democratic achievement. I have never used, and hope never to need to use, that law. But it gave a lot of people the possibility to change their lives, even politicians who went on family days and then got divorced... thanks to me"

In the second photograph Bisio is on holiday in Greece, and appears intent on playing the harmonica sitting in the street with a cup to collect a few coins. The photo shows him with a full head of hair and he remembers, "I started to lose my hair when I was doing my military service, in the air force. I had to wear a cap and when I took it off huge clumps of hair came off too. Perhaps it was psychological, partly not enjoying military life, but I think it would have happened sooner or later anyway".

You can watch the video with Claudio Bisio again at:

Cologno Monzese, January 9, 2012


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