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"I hope to have given to my son the values
of independence and freedom, also from me"

The day after the second episode of the TV drama "Il Tredicesimo apostolo" which recorded a total audience of 6,066,000 viewers and a 25.24% in the commercial target, the star of the series Claudia Pandolfi responded on video on the QuiMediaset web site to questions from viewers. Here are some highlights (the complete interview )

On the gymnastics that she practiced for many years: "I have a fantastic memory of it, I really enjoyed it, in fact the first big disappointment in my life was when I didn't find my name on a list of those who had passed some exams... after years I was no longer there because I had grown too tall... I was no longer suitable".
Talking about her son, Gabriele: "I hope to have given to my son the values of independence and freedom, also from me".
Fashion and clothes: "I am luck to be able to wear nice things so I feel gratified by that, then I enjoy it... but there are certain things that you need to limit as time goes on... it's OK to be courageous when you're twenty but then you need to become a bit more sober".

Cologno Monzese, January 12, 2012


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