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EUR 1.5 million in the first weekend after release: overtaking Spielberg and Clooney

The futuristic magic of the cinema of Andrew Niccol strikes again and captures that imagination of Italian audiences. An outstanding result for "In Time" which ? distributed by Medusa Film in around 300 copies and with two splendid stars, Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried ? literally blew away the competition ending its first weekend since release with box office takings of almost ?1.5 million (EUR 1,365,731) and average per copy of almost EUR 5,000 (EUR 4,878), the top average gross per screen. En excellent result that saw the adrenalin-charged science-fiction film by the American director outperform the Oscar challengers  "doubling" the performance of Spielberg"s "War Horse" (EUR 545,865) and clearly overtaking Clooney in "Paradiso Amaro" (EUR 1,145,409).

Meanwhile the growing success of Brizzi in "Com"è bello far l"amore", saw the film again in the top position after the second weekend after release, grossing over ?1.5 million (EUR 1,513,840) making a provisional total of around EUR 5 million (EUR 4,919,420). Yet another success for Medusa Film, that once again has managed to place two titles at the top of the box office hit list. And that"s without considering the incredible success of "Benvenuti al Nord", the top grossing film of the year which has now generated some EUR 27 million (EUR 26,615,590) in ticket sales.

Roma, February 20, 2012


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