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R.T.I. S.p.A
. operates in the field of multi media and cross media editorial activities through the Interactive Media Department, with the objective of developing service and content that can be delivered over different platforms (internet, teletext, mobile devices and wearables), promoting content and brand extension initiatives.
On the internet, and, specifically through the enhancement of and greater focus on activities linked to mobile devices, in 2015 RTI Interactive Media generated around 15.1 billion multimedia pages via the overall set of the properties managed, of which 7.6 billion on mobile (source: Shinystat). The offering is characterised by the presence in two thematic areas:

  • Entertainment: this area is characterised by the website mediaset.it (www.mediaset.it), which underwent a front-end and back-end redesign in October 2015, which enables users to access the vast majority of Mediaset free-to-air schedule both in full and clip mode (full episodes and thousands of TV programme clips, respectively), as well as programmes made specially for the web (videochats and miniseries);
  • Information: this area, in turn, is split into general information, weather information and sports information. General information content is managed by the TGCOM24 newsroom, which supplies journalistic content over various technological platforms:
    - the all-news television channel (on digital terrestrial television, satellite platform and, in live streaming mode, over computer, tablet and smartphone)
    - the web and mobile site www.tgcom24.it;
    - teletext (Mediavideo)
    - smartphone and tablet, with free dedicated apps for mobile devices on the Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry platforms;

's multimedia offering is used by more than 27.5 million users (of which 8.6 million on mobile) on average per month (source: Shinystat). Its multimedia system (web+mobile) is third in the ranking of the main Italian news sites with over one million daily unique users (source: Audiweb, November 2015).

Weather information is provided through video forecasts on the Mediaset networks, as well as the dedicated www.meteo.it website and the new dedicated app, which has developed a new potential revenue model through "native advertising". It has been downloaded more than 7.6 million times (source: download stores).

Sports information, on the other hand, consists of the www.sportmediaset.it website, with an average of 7.3 million multimedia users per month, of which 1.3 million via Mobile (source: Shinystat), managed by the Mediaset sports news desk; it can also be accessed via a free app, with over 3 million downloads (source: download stores), for the same mobile and tablet operating systems as TGCOM24.

With respect to the entertainment area, the mediaset.it video portal plays a significant strategic and advertising role. As already mentioned, the site hosts the majority of TV content broadcast on the previous day both as short clips for key programmes in the schedule and as full episodes. In 2015, the digital offering was further enhanced by providing users with the ability to watch a live simulcast of the free Mediaset networks (Canale 5, Italia 1, Rete 4, LA5 etc...), replacing the television adverts with dedicated spaces sold by the sales house. This combination of television and internet enabled the achievement of excellent traffic results, with over 1.2 billion videos delivered (source: Audiweb Object Video) and 34 million apps downloaded (source: download stores).

Mediaset.it is the first Italian video portal, thus guaranteeing highly lucrative advertising formats to Publitalia (through the subsidiary Mediamond), such as the pre-roll at the beginning of all videos, mid-rolls (advertising breaks in full episodes), as well as the advertising personalisation of the various home pages (so-called customisations).

A commercial agreement has been signed with the Italia on Line group (which combines the first two Italian internet portals: (Libero and Virgilio), plus agreements with Microsoft (msn.it) and Tiscali (tiscali.it) and a pending agreement with blogo.it. This makes it possible to provide Mediaset video content within the portals of these groups through embedding, also enhancing Mediaset's brand exposure among a different target from TV viewers, as well as increasing revenues with advertising sold by Publitalia.

The teletext service of the RTI S.p.A. networks (Mediavideo), active since 1997, is a multimedia TV newspaper available on both analogue and digital television.

RTI Interactive Media is also becoming increasingly active in the mobile devices space, with the objective of bringing innovative content and service to smart phones and tablets through:
  • brand extension, aimed at leveraging brands and/or formats already known to TV audiences (e.g. multimedia game shows such as Avanti un altro, etc.), infonews services such as "TG5 sms", "TG5 mms" and "App Tg5" (more than 1 million downloads),
    information videos and live broadcasts by TGCOM24;
  • interactivity, aimed at creating opportunities for interaction between users and TV programmes (e.g. multi-platform voting). In 2015 the new Mediaset app was launched, which is a free smartphone and tablet app that supports live broadcasts with social
    interactions and in-depth content, and enables users to follow live streams of Mediaset's free networks.

The Mediaset app is integrated with all major social networks and mediaset.it's social system and offers real-time interaction, also with exclusive content.

Interactive Media supporting TV brands continued to get closer to the world of social networks, with the presence of major programmes in the schedule on the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.), thus becoming one of the European media
companies best able to create engagement with its TV audience.

We have over 25 million fans in total on our Facebook pages, over 4.3 million followers on our Twitter profiles and more than 3.1 million followers on our Instagram profiles. 

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