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R.T.I. S.p.A. oversees the digital activities of the Mediaset Group through the Digital Business Department, which aims to create services and content for non-linear use deployable across all the main connected digital platforms (desktop devices, mobile and wearable devices, tablets, smart TVs, etc.) and the promotion of digital extension initiatives for free to air programmes (Radio and TV).

In relation to audience surveys, in 2018, Audiweb research, which provides internet reference metrics, underwent an extensive transformation, resulting in the impossibility to compare data from previous years: for this reason the data given below refers to the second half of 2018 only and the comparison with the same period of the previous year is not shown.

In the second half of 2018, the set of Mediaset Internet Properties managed by RTI Business Digital, reached a monthly Total Digital Audience average of 19 million unique users, with an average of over 233 million page views per month (Source Audiweb 2.0 average July-December 2018)

The Mediaset digital product range is divided into two main thematic areas:

  • Video Hub: the chosen location for video content consumption is the revamped Mediaset Play platform. Online since June 2018, the platform has been completely redesigned and is available on its own website, through its mobile apps (iOS and Android) and through an innovative TV app for hbbtv/mhp devices. The offering allows live streaming of TV channels, including the possibility to watch live programmes from the start (the Live Restart function), and catch-up on demand for most free-to-air television programming. Users can watch entire episodes or choose from hundreds of clips taken daily from TV programmes and ad hoc content created for mobile use. The integration of the Digital Content Factory with editorial programme offices has made it possible to achieve a wide range of various formats on the different digital platforms, fully in line with the editorial approach.

  • Information Hub: the Information hub, under the TGCOM24 brand, is internally divided into News (under the TGCOM24heading), Sports Information (under the Sportmediaset heading) and Weather Information (under the Meteo.it brand).

During the year, the Information hub audience saw significant growth, reaching a Total Audience of 2,215,000 unique users daily in the second half of 2018 (Source Audiweb 2.0, overall perimeter with TAL), under the TGCOM24 brand positioning itself in third place in the Italian digital information market, and in second place overall for unique mobile users (Source Audiweb 2.0 media July-December 2018)

In addition, the set of Mediaset Apps, with a monthly average of 4.0 million unique users registered in the second half of 2018, ranks first on the Italian publishing scene (Source Audiweb 2.0 media July-December 2018). In this context, the free Tgcom24 App exceeded 5.8 million downloads, the weather forecasting service (Meteo.it) reached 10.6 million downloads with its App and finally the Sportmediaset App reached 3.9 million downloads. (Source: App Annie at 31 December 2018)

The FIFA 2018 Football World Cup marked an important milestone: the creation of the Mediaset Play Main Screen application for Smart TVs, and the free mobile applications released at the same time, offered a completely innovative viewing experience to fans of TV football: in particular, viewers with a latest-generation TVs (HBBTV and MHP) were able to follow live matches with added enhanced match content which can be loaded in real time and selected with a simple button on the remote control so they can relive - in near live mode - match highlights in broadcast quality. All enhanced by an accurate statistics service and a wide range of in-depth content available from the group's journalists.

As far as Radio is concerned, the year saw a revamping of some of our stations main digital destinations, with the creation in particular of the new Radio105 App and the new Virgin Radio website.

In 2018, syndication distribution agreements continue with the Italia on Line group (which combines the top two Italian internet portals: Libero and Virgilio), with Microsoft (msn.it) and, with the Citynews group (Today.it and vertical websites), agreements to which the Fanpage.it collaboration was added. From April, Video content was also available on Superguida TV, the main Italian digital TV guide. The aforementioned agreements allow Mediaset video content distribution on host websites with an embedded Mediaset Player. This promotes Mediaset brand exposure to a different and wider target audience than TV viewers, allowing for the increase in Publitalia's advertising revenues.

In relation to Social Media Network presence, Mediaset confirmed itself as one of the leading European media companies in creating engagement with its communities: 41 million total likes on Mediaset network Facebook pages, over 8 million followers on Twitter accounts and more than 12 million followers on Instagram accounts. Social Media Network activity allows the attention of the active audience to be captured on various channels, differing by age and composition.

The distribution of exclusive content, previews and live streaming promotes the TV schedule and expands programme awareness to a digital audience, creating interaction opportunities. Short programme extracts accompanied by a direct link to our websites attracts traffic to Mediaset Play increasing the viewing numbers of videos on the platform

To increase focus on the customer and their journey around the different Group properties, all SVOD Infinity service business activities were merged into the Digital Business Department in December 2018. This merger served its purpose not only to define a joint commercial offering, and therefore create new revenue streams associated with the digital business world of free networks, but also and above all in organisational terms, to improve the "customer centric" approach, providing better touchpoint management, optimising communications and providing the end user with a new experience.

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