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Movie distribution
Medusa Film S.p.A.
is a major film distribution company in Italy. The company produces and distributes Italian and foreign films in Italy, throughout the life-cycle of the product: from cinema releases to the sale of television rights in all their various forms.

In terms of box-office takings from the sale of cinema tickets, Medusa Film, with a market share of 6% in 2015 (source: Cinetel), remained 6th in the ranking of distributions, behind the four American majors and 01 Distribution (in 4th, first Italian company).

Once again, the company stood out for its focus on Italian cinema: of the 50 highest-taking films of the year, 16 were Italian films and of these a good 7 were from Medusa Film.

Medusa's highest takings were from "Vacanze ai Caraibi" (EUR 6.6 million in 2015, total EUR 7.4 million) which signalled the return of the classic "cinepanettone" - a light-hearted Italian comedy film released at Christmas time; "Youth - La giovinezza", the Oscar-winning film of Paolo Sorrentino, took in excess of EUR 6 million - an exceptional result for a film with a high artistic value; Medusa's next 3 highest-taking films ("Ma che bella sorpresa", EUR 5.3 million, "Belli di papā", EUR 4.2 million and "Italiano medio", 4.1 million), confirm the success of the focus on both classic and more innovative "comedy" - the latter represented by "Italiano medio", directed by and starring Maccio Capatonda, who is a web sensation but was making his film debut.

In 2015, total box-office takings came to EUR 637 million, equivalent to 99 million cinema tickets, compared with EUR 575 million and 92 million cinema tickets sold in the previous year.

After a 2014 marked by steep decline (-7.1%), the cinema market has posted encouraging growth (+10.8% for takings and +8.6% for audience numbers).

The number of films distributed in the year was basically stable, 473 against 470 the previous year. On average, therefore, the commercial appeal of the cinema releases has improved, thanks mainly to the "strong" product: indeed, some 12 had takings of over EUR 10 million (3 out of 20). However, this phenomenon is entirely due to the success of American cinema, with 13 of the top 15 films in terms of takings (US films' share of the market rose from 50.2% in 2014 to 61% in 2015). Conversely, the market share of Italian cinema fell from 27.2% to 21.4%, a sign of a difficult year for the domestic film industry.

Despite being below the normal values (25-28%), Italian films still represent a significant component of the market. Medusa plays a fundamental role in this situation, again confirming that the correct strategic positioning of the company, which has always been a landmark in Italian cinema.

Drama productions
RTI S.p.A. possess the know-how and the organisation to select projects and develop the production of highly popular drama series. These products are commissioned to major national partners and, in some cases, are sold abroad or leveraged via the web channel, thus contributing to covering production costs.

In 2015, the sequels of long-running productions were confirmed and new high-profile productions were developed.

RTI continued its strategy of filming drama productions where possible in Italy, avoiding the use of de-localisation by investing in professional expertise in the Italian production chain.

In 2015, RTI continued the production relationship with its subsidiaryTaodue S.r.l., the leading Italian producer of drama content. Taodue S.r.l. developed audiovisual content on an exclusive basis for RTI, to be used mainly for television and cinema.

RTI also continued to work in 2015 with the company ARES Film S.r.l., a production company specialized in Italian drama series.

The production approach geared to long-running series resulted in the making of sequels for drama series that were very successful with the public in previous editions, such as Squadra Antimafia and Squadra mobile-Operazione mafia capitale, produced by Taodue S.r.l., as well as Solo per amore 2, produced by Endemol, and the creation of new projects, including: Il bello delle donne ... alcuni anni dopo, made by ARES Film and L?infiltrato, a 4-part series produced by Taodue.

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