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Movie distribution
Medusa Film S.p.A. is a major film distribution company in Italy. The company mainly produces and distributes Italian and foreign films in Italy, throughout the life-cycle of the product: from cinema releases to the sale of television rights in all their various forms.

In terms of box-office takings from the sale of cinema tickets, Medusa, with a market share of 4.3% in 2018 (source: Cinetel), was 7th in the ranking of distributors, behind the four American majors and the Italian companies 01 Distribution and Lucky Red Distribution.

In line with its editorial approach, the company, as always, stood out for its focus on Italian cinema: the third largest Italian film by box-office takings was from Medusa. broadcasting rightsOut of a total of 10 films, for which the Company acquired the rights and distributed in the year, 6 took more than EUR 2 million: it should be remembered that overall, only 19 Italian products were distributed above this threshold.

The highest box-office takings were for income was "Amici come prima" (EUR 6.9 million in the year; 8.2 in total) which sealed the reunion of Boldi and De Sica, the most popular comic duo of the last thirty years; followed, in terms of box-office takings, ?by Se son rose ...? (EUR 4.3 million) by and with Leonardo Pieraccioni and ?Made in Italy?, seeing L. Ligabue return to directing with two big stars, S. Accorsi and K. Smutiniak.

In 2018, total box-office takings came to EUR 555 million, equivalent to 86 million cinema tickets, compared with EUR 585 million and 92 million cinema tickets in the previous year.

After a 2017 marked by excellent growth (-11.6% takings and -12.4% audience numbers), the cinema market has seen a significant decline (-5% takings and -6.9% audience numbers). The number of films distributed in the year was basically stable in relation to 2017: 528 compared with 536 in the previous year. The decrease in terms of collection is entirely attributable to the negative performance of American cinema (-EUR 54 million; -14%) whose market share dropped from 66 to 60%, although still remained the undisputed leader (nine of the top 10 box-office performers were from the United States). Italian cinema partially compensated for the American cinema decline with revenue growth of around EUR 25 million (+24%), reaching a market share of 23% against 18% in the previous year.

The successes achieved in a particularly difficult year nevertheless confirm that Medusa plays a fundamental role, again underscoring the correct strategic positioning of the company, which has always been a landmark in this nation's cinema.

Drama productions
R.T.I. S.p.A. possess the know-how and the organisation to select projects and develop the production of highly popular drama series. These products are commissioned to major national partners and, in some cases, are sold abroad or leveraged via the web channel, thus contributing to covering production costs. As part of this strategy, RTI continued to film drama productions where possible in Italy, avoiding the use of de-localisation by investing in professional expertise in the Italian production chain.

In 2018, the drama line continued to be reviewed, which will have an increasing effect in the coming years both in terms of volumes and new titles New projects undertaken in 2018 included: The Non Mentire series produced by Indigo Film, the Il silenzio dell?acqua series produced by Vela Film, Amore strappato, a TV project with S. Ferilli produced by Jeky Production, the Il Processo series produced by Lucky Red and the Oltre la soglia series produced by Paypermoon. Production of the Isola di Pietro TV series with G. Morandi, produced by the Lux company, was also confirmed in the 2018 drama investment plan, following the excellent public success of the previous edition.

As part of its production relationship with its subsidiary Taodue S.r.l., the leading Italian producer of drama content, Taodue S.r.l. developed audiovisual content on an exclusive basis for R.T.I., to be used for television and/or cinema. The main drama productions during the year included the sequel to television drama Rosy Abate, whose first season was exceptionally received by audiences, and a new editorial project entitled Made in Italy about the birth of the fashion industry in Italy. The project, which is waiting to be scheduled for broadcast on Mediaset networks, has already been successfully placed on the international market.

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