The flagship news programme Tg5 which began broadcsating in 1992 edited by Enrico Mentana, is popular with audiences on account of its authoritativeness and its impartiality in presenting a wide range of news and information. From July, 2007, Tg5 is edited by Clemente Mimun.

Studio Aperto
was launched in 1991 with the live announcement of the start of the Gulf War, ahead of all other TV news programmes. Edited by Annamaria Broggiato from January, 24, 2014, Studio Aperto is a news programme for young people, short and sharp, with an emphasis on crime and current affairs.

Edited by Rosanna Ragusa from January, 24, 2014, Retequattro's news programme, Tg4, was born in 1992 and it'is characterised by an approach that aims to directly involve viewers with live agency reports and studio guests. With a particular attention to news and straightforward reporting on politics and economics, the colloquial style of the editor is the key to the success of Tg4.

Videonews, Mediaset's historic news structure currently edited by Claudio Brachino, is responsible for developing and producing background news and infotainment programmes: Mattino 5, Pomeriggio 5, Verissimo, Domenica Live, Matrix, Quarto Grado, Quinta Colonna,  La Strada dei Miracoli, Terra!, Dentro la notizia, Confessione Reporter, Tiki Taka and Heroes.

Edited by Paolo Liguori and launched on 28 November 2011, Tgcom24, Mediaset's all-news system, can be watched on TV on DTT channel 51 and is currently totalling 2.5 million hits on an average day.
Tgcom24 provides a live stream of the main issues of Mediaset's generalist news programmes, from Prima pagina on Tg5, to Studio aperto and Tg4.
From Monday to Friday at 8.40 am, "Carte scoperte", the commented press review of all major newspapers.
From 9 am onwards, every half hour throughout the morning, there is a newsflash live from the studio, with breaking news, newspaper headlines and links with the Premium Sport newsroom.
Every afternoon at 3 pm "Dentro i fatti" takes stock of current events in a live broadcast, with guests, links and reports.
From Monday to Friday at 1.30 pm, "Fatti e misfatti", looks at current affairs; at 8.30 pm "Checkpoint" offers a closer look at the day's main figures.
Every evening, Tgcom24 goes back to the main events of the day, with three live editions of the news, the press review of the following day's newspapers and an in-depth sports news programme at midnight. In particular, starting from February 2016 TgCom24 has a new daily show: "Prima Serata", which gives an in-depth look at the hot issues in Europe and America.
In 2015, the partnership with radio continued and TGCOM24 breaking news reaches a potential market of nearly 10 million radio listeners a day.
TGCOM24's breaking news updates are aired every day at the same time across 14 broadcasters (including R101, Radio Italia, Radio KissKiss, Radio Norba and Radio Subasio), at the 5 times with the highest average listener figures (8.00 am, 9.00 am, 12.00 pm, 6.00 pm, 7.00 pm).
With regard to new media, the website attracted around 5.8 billion page views in 2015. In the mobile segment, Tgcom24 is the leading news app in Italy, with almost 6.3 million unique browsers (monthly average, +25% on 2014).
In 2015, the use of brand was consolidated for weather forecasts on all television networks of the Mediaset Group, on the website and tablet and smartphone apps. The indicators for reveal the popularity among Internet users: over 1.5 billion page views in the year and 180,000 unique browsers on an average day. We must note the new dedicated app, which has been downloaded over 7.6 million times, which has developed a new potential revenue model through so-called "native advertising".

Edited by Andrea Pucci and established in March 2010, the News Mediaset agency brings together over 110 journalists from Mediaset's various publications into a single unit. The agency provides a constant stream of news for Tgcom24 and supplies content to the three national television news broadcasts (Tg5, Tg4 and Studio Aperto, which has a total staff of around 90 journalists) and for infotainment programmes. It also provides cross-media content for Web and mobile applications. In 2015, News Mediaset produced approx. 58,000 content items for television (around 9% up on 2014), in addition to 1,460 hours of breaking news items for freeto-air generalist and thematic TV channels (about +23% on 2014). A considerable amount of multimedia content was also produced, over 21,000 videos (+31% over 2014), around 12,500 photogalleries; over 820 SMS news alerts, providing content for new media platforms.

Following the establishment of Mediaset Premium Spa, the sports desk was incorporated into the company under the Premium Sport newsdesk (whose staff comprises around 45 journalists). In RTI, instead, the motor team and (around 15 journalists)
continued to operate under the umbrella of Videonews.

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