The flagship news programme Tg5 which began broadcsating in 1992 edited by Enrico Mentana, is popular with audiences on account of its authoritativeness and its impartiality in presenting a wide range of news and information. From July, 2007, Tg5 is edited by Clemente Mimun.
In 2018, Tg5, always a leader for the 15-64 commercial target with Prima Pagina morning news (18.4% share), in the morning editions (19.1% share), afternoon (18.6% share) and evening (19.9% share), saw a set redesign in its Palatine Studio in Rome;

Studio Aperto
was launched in 1991 with the live announcement of the start of the Gulf War, ahead of all other TV news programmes. Edited by Annamaria Broggiato from January, 24, 2014, Studio Aperto is a news programme for young people, short and sharp, with an emphasis on crime and current affairs.
Studio Aperto, which successfully covers the young audiences (15-34) of Italia 1 in both the afternoon (16.0% share) and evening shows (8.6% share).

Edited by Rosanna Ragusa from January, 24, 2014, Retequattro's news programme, Tg4, was born in 1992 and it'is characterised by an approach that aims to directly involve viewers with live agency reports and studio guests. With a particular attention to news and straightforward reporting on politics and economics, the colloquial style of the editor is the key to the success of Tg4.
Tg4 captures the core audience of Rete 4 (over 55), with a share of this target of 5.3% for the evening edition and 5.5% for the afternoon, which last Autumn moved from the 11.30 am slot to the wider and more visible 12 pm slot;

Videonews, Mediaset's historic news structure currently edited by Claudio Brachino, is responsible for developing and producing background news and infotainment programmes.
Canale 5, daytime with Mattino 5, Pomeriggio 5, Verissimo and Domenica Live,, all commercial target leaders in their own slots, respectively achieve a 15.0%, 18.7%, 19.5% and 18.4% share;
Rete 4, prime time, new Group strategic information challenge: the traditional Quarto Grado shown on Fridays (8.6% over 55s), was joined by Stasera Italia every evening from 8.30 pm to 9.25 pm (6.7% of the network target), Quarta Repubblica on Mondays (5.5% ),  #CR4 la repubblica delle donne on Wednesdays (5.7%) and W L'Italia on Thursdays (5.1%);
late-evening, with Matrix on Canale 5 (7.3% share for the "hard news" edition presented by Nicola Porro and 8.9% for the "soft" edition presented by Piero Chiambretti), the production partnerships of Supercinema, X-style and #Hype, and Confessione Reporter on Rete 4
Rete 4 daytime, with Fuori dal Coro, a new daily show presented by Mario Giordano at 7.30 pm (4.6% of the network's core audience) and Dalla parte degli animali, broadcast on weekends, which reaches 5.0% of the over 55s share.

Edited by Paolo Liguori.
TGCOM24 's multimedia nature takes full advantage of integrated digital information system potential, which centrally gathers all content produced daily, making it immediately available to all TGCOM24 brand platforms.

In 2018 the All News channel (51 DTT and 509 SKY), reaching 3 million people on an average day, was enhanced with new thematic programmes produced in-house (Soldi Nostri, Insieme/Juntos,, Cavoletti da Bruxelles) completely doing away with editorial contributions from third parties. It also strengthened institutional visibility by setting up partnerships and collaborations with major European Union bodies. In line with editorial policy, there was a particular focus on finding new presenters that gave a fresher and more modern image of the channel. As part of the drive to consolidate editorial content, the educational programme on TG dei Ragazzi in collaboration with ?La Cittą dei Bambini e dei Ragazzi?, at the Old Port of Genoa was a success and finished the end of its second year with a total of 109 original episodes.

The leading position of TGCOM24 on mobile (in 2018 the TgCom24 app had over 5.8 million downloads) and the growing website figures (10.1 billion page views in 2018) make the brand a central asset on the digital landscape. TGCOM24 is also very popular on social media networks, with 2.1 million likes for the official Facebook page (up 5% compared to 2017 - source: Insight Facebook) and a Twitter account with 951 thousand followers (an increase of 1% compared to 2017 - source: Twitter Insights). In 2018, the Instagram account was also launched, which at 31 December 2018 had 247 thousand followers (source: Facebook Insights).

The spread of Breaking News on the RadioMediaset network was also consolidated. TGCOM24 news shorts are broadcast simultaneously by 5 radio stations on the RadioMediaset and RadioNorba networks, at 5 peak audience periods, potentially reaching over 11 million listeners a day and over 26 million listeners a week.

To complete the picture of TGCOM24?s cross-media system, we also note breaking news items broadcast on the Mediaset Free Channels (generalist and thematic channels) that reach about 6 million people a day during the week and 8 million a day on weekends.

Edited by Andrea Pucci.
Established in March 2010, it brought together around 155 journalists from various company programmes within a single structure (39 journalists from the former Premium sports area joined in the last quarter of 2018). The agency provides a constant stream of news for Tgcom24 and supplies content to the three national television news broadcasts (Tg5, Tg4, Studio Aperto) and for infotainment (Videonews). The four newsrooms (Tg5, Tg4, Studio Aperto e Tgcom24) have a combined total staff of around 100 journalists. During 2018, Mediaset News focused more on product quality and improved internal customer satisfaction; it produced approx. 35,000 content items for television, in addition to 929 breaking news items for free-to-air generalist and thematic TV channels. The amount of multimedia content produced is also impressive: around 13,046 videos and 8,452 photo galleries; over 655,000 text messages sent and 1,000 subscribers feeding into the new media platforms.

Sport Mediaset, in addition to the traditional successful 1 pm slot (14.3% share of the 15-34 audience), this year launched a new free-to-air edition at 7 pm, gaining a 5.9% share of 15-34 year olds.

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