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The Mediaset Group's free-to-air offer is currently made up of three generalist channels (Canale 5, Italia 1 and Retequattro), and the thematic channels Boing, Cartoonito, Iris, La 5, Mediaset Extra, Mediaset Italia 2 and Tgcom24.   

Canale 5 is a classic generalist channel, which means that it is aimed at the mass family audience. The distinguishing characteristics of the channel are programmes based on completeness and variety, able to reach, through all kinds of programmes, from entertainment to drama and news. Since January 2013, Canale 5 has been directed by Giancarlo Scheri.

Italia 1
is the Mediaset Group's youngest channel, paying particular attention to the tastes of its audience, from music and sport to emerging phenomena and trends. It is an experimental channel, where the most innovative programmes and formats, which are often irreverent and offbeat. Since May 2002, Italia 1 has been directed by Luca Tiraboschi.

The non-frenetic style, and scheduling that is wide-ranging and articulated are the strong points of Retequattro: a channel that is able to offer programmes that support the offer of traditional shows, much appreciated by women viewers, with programmes aimed at a mal audience. In fact the offer includes sport, popular science, and journalistic background, serials and entertainment. Since June 2007, Retequattro has been directed by Giuseppe Feyles.

In 2012, Telecinco was the leading Spanish private television network most viewed in the whole day and also in the main time slots, among which there was Prime Time, where it achieved an average result of 14.4% of share.   
In 2012 Telecinco achieved 13.9% of average share of the total viewers in the 24-hour period, maintaining its leadership among the  commercial television broadcasters and being ahead of Antena 3, which had 12.5%, by 1.4 percentage points.
Also regarding its commercial target, the Mediaset Group Espana has maintained its leadership reaching 30.4% in the 24-hour period and 29.3% in Prime Time.


  • Canale 5 - Autumn 2012 (PDF 1.7 Mb)
  • Italia 1 - Autumn 2012 (PDF 2 Mb)
  • Retequattro - Autumn 2012 (PDF 1,2 Mb)

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