EI Towers is the business enterprise created in 2012 from the merger with the DMT Group of the Mediaset Group's tower business, consisting of network infrastructure assets and operations, including the management of network towers and contribution links to and from production centres.

The EI Towers Group is one of the biggest operators of electronic communications networks in Italy, serving radio and television broadcasters and mobile telecommunications providers under long-term agreements.

In particular, the Group provides hosting on its infrastructure (transmission "towers" or "stations") as well as a range of related services such as technical assistance, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, logistics, planning.

In addition, the Group manages broadcast contribution links for the Mediaset Group through its own operations centres and network infrastructure.

The core business is not subject to seasonal variations and is not closely linked to economic cycles, as hosting contracts at transmission stations are long term and the service offered is particularly critical for customers, as it is essential for signal transmission.

To this end, it should be noted that, despite a prolonged economic recession in Italy in recent years, the Group has been able to continually increase its turnover and margins, also thanks to careful management of operating costs.

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