Related Parties

Procedure for related party transactions

On 9 November 2010 the Board of Directors, implementing the provisions of article 2391 bis, Italian Civil Code, and article 4, section 1, Consob resolution no. 17221, 12 March 2010 ("Regulations"), after noting the favourable opinion expressed by the Governance Committee, formed of directors who qualify as independent pursuant to the Regulations, unanimously adopted the "Procedure for related party transactions", which establishes the rules adopted for identifying, approving, executing and advertising transactions with related parties performed by Mediaset S.p.A., either directly or through subsidiary companies, in order to ensure the transparency and the substantive and procedural correctness of such transactions, in addition to exclusions from the application of these rules.
The meeting of the board of directors of Mediaset of 17 December 2013, having recorded the favourable opinion of Committee of Independent Directors for operations with related parties, approved the changes to Art. 7 a) of the "Procedure for operations with related parties" which will be valid fro 1 January 2014, in line with Consob resolution n 17221 of 12 March 2010.


  • 17.12.2013Procedure for related party transactionsdownload document
  • 10.04.2014Information memorandum on significant operation with a related partdownload document

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