Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

The Mediaset Group, like other major national and international groups and companies, has adopted a Code of Ethics establishing a set of values that the Mediaset Group recognises, accepts and shares, at all levels, in the performance of its business activities.

The provisions of the Code of Ethics express the fundamental principles and values that inspire the Mediaset Group and provide specific examples of the general duties of diligence, honesty and fairness that characterise the performance of work and conduct in the workplace.

The Code of Ethics was adopted - and subsequently updated - with the aim of setting out and/or confirming those values whose observance is essential for the regular performance of its activities, and the reliability of its management and its image, in the belief that ethics in business is to be pursued as a prerequisite condition for the company's success.

The principles and provisions of the Code of Ethics are a shared set of values for all Mediaset Group companies and shall be binding on the members of company bodies, all persons bound by an employment contract with the Mediaset Group and all those who work for/with Group companies, regardless of the relationship, even temporary, in place between them.

This version of the Mediaset Group's Code of Ethics was approved by the Board of Directors of Mediaset S.p.A. on 5 February 2019 and, subsequently, also by the other Italian subsidiaries.

Future updates of this Code of Ethics, resulting from regulatory changes, changes in civil society, or otherwise, shall be adopted by the Board of Directors and promptly circulated to all Recipients.


  • Code of Ethics - 5.02.2019

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