Supervisory and Control Body

Supervisory and Control Body

In compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 231/01, the Compliance Programmes pursuant to Legislative Decree 231 provide for the appointment, for each company, of a body with independent control and initiative powers, called upon to oversee the proper functioning of the Compliance Programmes as well as their constant updating.

In order to ensure that the Compliance Programmes are actually and effectively implemented, the Body must have the following characteristics:
  • Autonomy;
  • Independence;
  • Professionalism;
  • Continuity of action.

The Supervisory and Control Body has mainly a collective composition, as it is considered suitable to meet the need to entrust this role and responsibility to persons who fully ensure the effective autonomy and independence that this body must necessarily have.

The Compliance Programmes pursuant to Legislative Decree 231 require that the Supervisory and Control Body be appointed by the Board of Directors, subject to verification (i) of the requirements of integrity similar to those of the directors and of professionalism appropriate to the role to be filled; (ii) of non-subsistence of incompatibility and conflict of interest with other corporate functions and/or positions.

The Supervisory and Control Body carries out the tasks and activities provided for by the Compliance Programmes pursuant to Legislative Decree 231 and may at any time carry out checks on their application.

The Compliance Programmes pursuant to Legislative Decree 231 set out information obligations of the various company functions vis--vis the Supervisory and Control Body.

For information purposes as well as for reporting violations or unlawful conduct relevant to the purposes of Legislative Decree 231/01, the Supervisory and Control Bodies have specific e-mail addresses, accessible solely by their members, as indicated below:

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