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R.T.I. S.p.A. oversees the digital activities of the Mediaset Group through the Digital Business Department, which aims to create services and content for non-linear use deployable across all the main connected digital platforms (desktop devices, mobile and wearable devices, tablets, smart TVs, etc.) and the promotion of digital extension initiatives for free to air programmes (Radio and TV).

In 2019, the collection of Mediaset websites and applications averaged a Total Digital Audience per month of 19.6 million unique users, with an average of over 225 million page views per month (Source: Audiweb 2.0 average January-November 2019).

As regards video consumption, in summer 2019 Auditel's first digital research extension was brought to market with the aim of estimating the online consumption of content from television broadcasters: in the period from 8 September to 8 December 2019 (autumn peak period), Mediaset position its self as the number on broadcaster with a 40.3% share, measured based on TTS (total time spent), with an advantage of approximately 9 percentage points over the second-placed market broadcaster.

In terms of digital, Mediaset's product range is divided into two main areas:

  • Video Hub: Total consumption of Mediaset Internet Properties video content reached 1.4 billion (video views) during the year, a figure up 68% on the previous year, generating a 213 million video hours in total (Source: Webtrekk). The chosen platform for the viewing of hub content is Mediaset Play, which has driven overall consumption, with approximately two-thirds of the total hours viewed on Mediaset websites and applications in 2019 having been viewed through Mediaset Play (an increase of +74% on last year). This result was achieved by taking action on all essential levers: user experience, interface, technology, content management, editorial management, product positioning. Particularly as far as interface and functionality are concerned, a continuous improvement process was adopted to guarantee the mass uptake of the platform by end users (the mobile app, in particular, saw 1.8 million downloads during the second half-year alone). As far as content is concerned, integrating the Digital Content Factory with programme editorial teams has allowed a number of television formats to be rolled out across digital media while staying true to each programme's editorial line. To highlight one example, in 2019 Le Iene was the most watched brand among Mediaset programmes in terms of on demand viewing. As far as positioning is concerned, a product advertising drive began in 2019 with the aim of making Mediaset Play a leading light in online entertainment, with viewers encouraged to check in at all times of the day, such as when pausing for a breath amidst their busy schedule, when they put their feet up to relax or to liven up their social lives. Also in 2019, a digital marketing campaign was launched with more than 300 million ads sent out by push notification and email, reaching 10 million users and thus helping to increase audiences and video consumption. It is worth reminding that on the Main Screen - a platform not yet monitored by Auditel's digital research - Mediaset Play is only available on HBBTV and MHP compatible smart TVs, through an application that allows access to linear channels: once tuned into a Mediaset channel, viewers can use their remote to watch Mediaset programmes (entertainment, drama, news, movies, documentaries) and extra content on demand. Furthermore, the Restart option allows viewers to return to the start of a programme while it is being broadcast, or to watch a programme's highlights near-live. In Q4 2019, this application was used by more than 150,000 television sets per day (an increase of +76% on the previous year) and those who watched videos using this service tended to have habits of lengthy consumption, similar to viewers of linear television (mainly long formats).

  • Information Hub: the Information hub, under the TGCOM24 brand, is internally divided into News (under the TGCOM24heading), Sports Information (under the Sportmediaset heading) and Weather Information (under the Meteo.it brand).

During the year, the Information hub recorded a Total Audience of 2,175,000 unique users per day (Source: Audiweb 2.0 average January-November 2019, overall activities with TAL), with TGCOM24 consolidating its position in third place in the Italian digital market.

In terms of on-the-move consumption, the suite of Mediaset Apps has established itself in the top two positions in the Italian broadcasting sector (Source: Audiweb 2.0 - January-November 2019): in this context, the free Tgcom24 App exceeded 6.0 million downloads, the weather forecasting service (Meteo.it) reached 11.2 million downloads with its App and finally the Sportmediaset App reached 4.1 million downloads. (Source: App Annie at 31 December 2019).

As for the Radio segment, the digital platforms of R101 and Radio Monte Carlo were refreshed in 2019. New music aggregator United Music was also released. This service is available on the app, the website and is integrated into the Mediaset Play app.

Content distribution agreements with all our partners continued into 2019: IOL, which runs the two leading web portals Libero and Virgilio; Microsoft (msn.it); Citynews (Today.it and all subsidiary websites); Fanpage (Ciaopeople group); and SuperguidaTv, Italy's number one digital TV guide.

These agreements enhance and promote the content chosen by R.T.I., enabling it to reach an additional user catchment, which may be leveraged based on the differing needs of the broadcaster and the licensee. When also taking external distribution into account, the total video views surpassed 1.5 billion for the year

In relation to Social Media Network presence, Mediaset confirmed itself as one of the leading media companies in creating engagement with its communities: 41 million total likes on Mediaset network Facebook pages, over 8 million followers on Twitter accounts and more than 12 million followers on Instagram accounts.

Social Media Network activity allows the attention of the active audience to be captured on various channels, differing by age and composition.

The distribution on social media of exclusive content, previews and live streaming also aim to promote the TV schedule by attempting to increase programme awareness to a digital audience, creating interaction opportunities. Short programme extracts accompanied by a direct link to our websites attracts traffic to Mediaset Play, increasing video viewing numbers.

The year 2019 saw the birth of our first synergies between the AVOD of Mediaset Play and the SVOD of Infinity, which will see the creation of new revenue streams linked to the digital business on free-to-air channels. More importantly, however, the organisational synergies will lead to a shared customer journey aimed at bringing free-to-air/pay-TV users into line as a single Mediaset customer.

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