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Medusa Film SpA is a major film distribution company in Italy. The company mainly produces and distributes Italian and foreign films in Italy, leveraging the entire the life-cycle of the product: from cinema releases to the sale of television rights in all their various forms.

In terms of box-office takings from the sale of cinema tickets, Medusa, with a market share of 5.1% in 2019 (source: Cinetel), was 7th in the ranking of distributors, behind the four American majors and the Italian companies 01 Distribution and Eagle Pictures.

In line with its editorial approach, the company, as always, stood out for its focus on Italian cinema: the Italian films with the largest and third-largest box-office takings in 2019 were from Medusa.

Number one at the box office was "Il primo Natale" (EUR 13.4 million in 2019; EUR 15.3 million in total) with the return of comedy duo Ficarra and Picone; they were followed at the box office by "Dieci giorni senza mamma" (EUR 7.5 million), directed by Alessandro Genovesi and starring Fabio De Luigi (third highest-grossing Italian production), and "L?uomo del labirinto" (EUR 2 million), with the directoral return of Donato Carrisi and starring Tony Servillo and Dustin Hoffman.

In 2019, total box-office takings came to EUR 635 million, equivalent to 98 million cinema tickets, compared with EUR 556 million and 86 million cinema tickets in the previous year. The number of films distributed in the year was down on 2018: 495 compared with 529 in the previous year (-6.4%).

After a 2018 marked by a decline (-5% takings and -6.9% audience numbers), the cinema market saw significant growth (+14.4% takings and +13.6% audience numbers).

The increase in revenue can almost entirely be attributed to the performance of American cinema (+EUR 105 million; +34%), whose market share rose from 55 to 65%, as it remained the undisputed leader (nine of the top 10 box-office performers were from the United States). This growth was partly set back by a decline in British films (-EUR 41 million; -51%). Italian cinema showed further growth (+EUR 7 million; +5%), which, although lower than the overall market increase, continues the particularly significant growth registered in 2018 (+24%), reaching a market share of 21% against 23% in the previous year.

The successes achieved in 2019 are a further confirmation that Medusa plays a fundamental role, again underscoring the correct strategic positioning of the company, which has always been a landmark in this nation's cinema.

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