Tg5, always a leader for the 15-64 commercial target with Prima Pagina morning news (18.7% share), in the morning editions (19.7% share), afternoon (18.7% share) and evening (20.3% share).

Studio Aperto, which successfully covers the young audiences (15-34) of Italia 1 both in its midweek morning (15.7% share) and in its evening editions (8.9% share); The summer saw the addition of magazine programme Studio Aperto Mag., on air at 7pm, which rated strongly among young people (7.2% share).

Tg4 achieved almost a 5% share of the channel's typical target audience (over 55s) both in its morning and evening editions, having been given an editorial makeover last autumn with the introduction of a more talk show-like format.

Furthermore, Studio Aperto and Tg4 were reinvented during 2019 to becoming integrated brands of News Mediaset.

The News Mediaset Agency

Created in March 2010, the agency provides a constant stream of news for Tgcom24 and supplies content to the three national television news broadcasts (Tg5, Tg4 and Studio Aperto) and for infotainment (Videonews). In January 2020, the team of journalists numbered 216. Another essential step was taken in June 2019 to strengthen the Agency and make it boost its multimedia credentials. This organisational development, linked to the closure of six stations (TG4, Studio Aperto, Tgcom24, Sport Mediaset, Pagina 101 and RMC), led to a change in the Agency's mission as it turned from a mere station services provider into a producer and distributor of cross-platform content through its brands. A total of 67 journalists transferred from the individual stations to the Agency.

Videonews: infotainment and detailed journalistic coverage 

Daytime on Canale 5: Mattino 5 (15.4% share), Pomeriggio 5 (18.5% share), Verissimo (19.0% share) e Domenica Live (143% share) all these programmes are the leader in their respective commercial target bands.
Prime time di Canale 5: Live-non is Barbara D'Urso which reaches an average share of  15.2% in the commercial target.
Daytime Rete 4: Stasera Italia, on air from Monday to Friday and presented by Barbara Palombelli, has a 5% share (7.2% among the over 55s) and, during the weekend, 4.5% (6.3% among the over 55s) with Veronica Gentili. Also during the weekend, in the morning, Dalla parte degli animali has a 4.5% share of the channel?s target.
Prime time on Rete 4: Quarta Repubblica on Mondays (5.4% share among individual viewers, 7.7% among the channel?s target), Quarto Grado on Fridays (6.9% share among individual viewers, 8.3% among the channel?s target) and Dritto e Rovescio on Thursdays (5.8% share among individual viewers, 8.1% among the channel?s target) have been supported by #CR4 la repubblica delle donne on Wednesday (4.8% share among individual viewers, 6.3% among the channel?s target) and Fuori dal coro (5.9% share among individual viewers, 8.3% among the channel?s target) on Tuesdays.
In the late slot: on Canale, 5 in a production partnership with Supercinema, X-style and #Hype, Confessione Reporter on Rete 4

The all News TGCOM24 System

The TGCOM24 brand continued to strengthen its multi-platform mission by building an editorial identity capable of adapting language to its output channels.

In 2019, the All News channel (51 DTT and 509 SKY), reaching 3 million people on an average day, bolstered its fresh-faced image by taking on new presenters. It doubled its programmes made in partnership with European organisations and developed collaborations and synergies with international broadcasters.

The leading position of TGCOM24 on mobile (in December 2019 the TgCom24 app had over 6 million downloads) and the website figures (almost 10 billion page views in 2019) make the brand a central asset on the digital landscape. TGCOM24 is also very popular on social media networks, with 2.2 million likes for the official Facebook page (up 3% compared to December 2018 - source: Facebook Insights) and a Twitter account with 988,000 followers (an increase of 3.8% on December 2018 - source: Twitter Insights). The Instagram profile (launched in late 2017) has 577,000 followers (source: Instagram Insights). The LinkedIn profile was launched in late 2019.

The spread of Breaking News on the RadioMediaset network was also consolidated. TGCOM24 news shorts are broadcast simultaneously by 5 radio stations on the RadioMediaset  and RadioNorba networks, at 5 peak audience periods, potentially reaching over 11 million listeners a day and over 26 million listeners a week.

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