Financial Summary

Main Income Statement Data(Eur m)
Total net Revenues3,414.73,414.43,524.83,6673631,0
Operating Profit (1)246.3248.7230.7(189.2)316,5
Profit before Tax and Minority Interest100.2138.5196.5(274.4)296,5
Group Net Profit8.923.73.8(294.5)90,5
Main Balance Sheet and Financial Data(Eur m)
Net Invested Capital (1)4,436.73,906.83,806.83,630.33774,6
Total Net Shareholders' Equity2,977.73,045.52,947.42,535.92382,5
   Net Group shareholders' Equity2,119.92,322.82,293.81,947.71916,6
   Minorities Shareholders' Equity857.8722.6653.6588.2465,9
Net Financial Position (1)(1459,0)(861,3)(859,4)(1162,4)(1392,2)
Operating Cash Flow (1)1,139.31,226.51,282.31,2791315,7
Dividens paid by the Parent Company22.722.7
Dividens paid by Subsidiares4.144.283.6175,6
Mediaset Group Personnel (headcount)5,6935,5595,4845,5195470
Mediaset Group Personnel (average)5,8825,7115,6805,6605582
Main Indicators
Operating Profit/Net Revenues7.2%7.3%6.6%n.a.8.7%
Pre-Tax and Minority Interest/Net Revenues2.9%4.1%5.6%n.a.8.2%
Net Profit/Net Revenues0.3%0.7%0.1%n.a.2.5%
ROI (Return on Net Invested Capital) (2)4.7%4.7%4.4%n.a.5.5%
ROE (Return on Equity) (3)0.3%0.9%0.1%n.a.4.7%
N. of Shares (4)1,136,402,0641,136,402,0641,136,402,0641,136,402,0641,136,402,064
Consolidated Net Profit per Share (EUR)
Dividend per Share (EUR) (5)0.020.02

(1) Among referring to intermediate levels of results and to asset and financial groupings for which there are  supplied in the report on operations the criteria used for calculating them, according to what is lad down by the CONSOB communication n. 6064293 of 28 July 2006 and in CESR Recommendation of 3 November 2005 regarding alternative performance indicators (non GAAP measures)
(2) Group's EBIT / Average Net Invested Capital
(3) Group's Net Result / Group's Average Net Equity
(4) Data as at 31/12 net of Treasury shares

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