Code of corporate governance

The Board of Directors of Mediaset S.p.A., from March 2000, decided to put in place themeasures contained in the Corporate Governance Code issued by Borsa Italiana (available onthe website The Board of Directors Meeting of 1st March 2007, taking into account the relative legislative and regulatory context and the organisa­tional structure of the Mediaset Group, approved the updating of the Mediaset Corporate Governance Code and, in fact, taking into it the standards contained in the new Borsa Italiana Code of March 2006. The company has continued, over time, to update its own system of corporate governance to align it with both domestic and international best practices regarding these matters, with the recommendations of the Code and with the legislative and regulatory measures that have been introduced from time to time, keeping the shareholders and the stock market informed on a yearly basis.

Afterwards, the Board of Directors Meeting of 20 th December 2011, has approved the amendments to article 8 of the company's Self-Disciplinary Code which, taking account of Mediaset Group's organisational structure, adopt the provisions contained in article 7 of the Self-Disciplinary Code published by Borsa Italiana in March 2010 regarding directors' remuneration.

The subsidiary company Mediaset España Comunicacion S.A., quoted on the Stock Ex­changes of Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia and on the Spanish Com­puterised Stock Exchange, and its subsidiary companies, is subject to Spanish Law and the Spanish corporate governance system.



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